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An outline is a method of structuring, planning, and organizing an essay. It gives a brief description of every point and argument that an academic writer during essay writing wants to incorporate into the essay. An outline sets a direction for writing an essay. Experts suggest formulating an outline before actually writing an essay or any academic writing. An outline serves as a mind map of all arguments to be written in the essay by providing a clear picture of the essay. An essay written following a prior outline is written better than an essay without any outline. Therefore, an outline is a necessary element for writing a well-written argumentative essay.


A logical and coherent written outline leads an academic writer to write a perfect essay. However, for writing a perfect outline for an argumentative essay, one needs to follow certain guidelines and steps that help to formulate a good outline. The general format of an outline involves writing the introduction, Body paragraph and in the end, writes a conclusion. However, there are certain steps to write an effective argumentative essay outline, a few of them involve identifying the topic, choosing a thesis statement/argument, selecting major ideas, logical organization of the points, and review. These steps are further explained below.


First of all, you need to identify the topic on which you want to outline to write an argumentative essay as suggested by essayhours.com. For writing an argumentative essay you need to choose the aspect on which you want to write. This is the most crucial part because a proper selection of the topic makes a writer formulate a good outline whereas the wrong choice of topic can make an essay writer write a weak outline that results in writing an ineffective essay. For selecting a topic, you must be sure that you have developed a proper understanding of the topic on which you want to write. For this purpose, you should question yourself about what you can better work on. You should select such a topic for which you can provide enough arguments for writing an argumentative essay. You should not select a topic about which you are unaware because lack of knowledge hinders the way of formulating an effective outline and writing an essay further. Picking the topic according to one's interest can help to formulate an outline easily. Therefore the proper selection of the topic is a fundamental step in formulating a proper outline for writing an argumentative essay.


The next important step for writing an outline for an argumentative essay is the forming of a thesis statement. This is the most important part of formulating an outline and writing an essay. A thesis statement is a short statement that explains to the reader what an academic writer in the essay is going to investigate. This is the main argument of the essay and is an integral part of the outline. In case you are unable to write a proper thesis statement for your essay, you can ask an essay writer to help you write a proper thesis statement. The whole outline is based on the thesis statement. However, one must write a thesis statement while framing an outline because no essay is complete without a thesis statement. A whole outline is formulated based on a thesis statement therefore while writing an essay one must consider writing a proper thesis statement.


After selecting a topic and developing a thesis statement or argument, the next step involved in writing an effective outline is the filtering out of major ideas for supporting the argument or thesis statement. One must identify what points are to be included in the essay following the thesis statement of the essay. This step involves making a list of ideas that you consider as an answer to the thesis statement. Relevant arguments to the main argument of the essay must be included; all other ideas coming to mind must be excluded. While writing an outline, one must only write those points that are coherent and directly related to support the thesis statement. Also, sub-points to the major points can be written in the outline. All major points supporting the main argument and sub-points of those main points are written in phrases or short sentences while writing an outline. If you are facing any difficulty in writing an outline for your essay, you can also consult some essay writing service to get their help in writing an outline of your essay. While writing an argumentative essay outline you should avoid explanation of all major points as the explanation of points is written in the essay whereas an outline requires only giving a signal about what a writer is going to discuss in the essay.


Another major step of writing a proper outline for an argumentative essay is the organization of the main ideas in the outline. After filtering out major ideas, a writer must follow some organizational order either logical, numerical, chronological order, etc. while enlisting points in the outline. Lack of organization of the points in the outline, do not deliver the actual sense of the essay. The logical and chronological order of the ideas in the outline delivers a clear picture of the essay. If you are finding yourself unable to maintain proper order in your outline, you can ask some professional, “could you write my essay?” by doing so you can get a well-written outline for your essay. Also, an outline with the best-maintained order can help to write an essay effectively and easily. Therefore, to convey the best sense of the outline to the reader, a certain organizational structure must be maintained while writing an outline.


After the organization of the main ideas in the outline, you must review and check the outline. An outline is like a road map for writing an essay, so proper revision must be made after writing an outline. If any change or revision is required, you can make revisions in the outline so that a proper essay can be written. Thus, revising and editing an outline is an important step for formulating an outline.


To conclude, an outline is a fundamental step for writing an essay as it provides a layout for writing a perfect essay. Following the steps provided above, you can write an effective outline for writing an argumentative essay. You can also take help from the paper writing service.


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